Difficult Dogs

There will be a charge of $25 on top of regular grooming fees for any animal that is difficult to handle.  Grooming a difficult animal requires more time and can be dangerous to both the animal and the groomer.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, you must notify Woof Dog Shoppe at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If less than 24Hours, there is a $25.00 fee.  If there is a no show, a $25 fee will be charged.

Return policy

All sales on frozen raw food is final. We have no control over what happens to the food once it leaves the store and therefore no way of knowing if the frozen product had thawed out. For safety measures, we have to ensure that all of our frozen raw food has been properly stored.

All sales final on Special orders, sale items and chews that have been tasted.

Exchanges can be done on treats and unopened chews.

Refunds/Exchanges can be done within 14 days. Tags must be on. Items not worn.

No refunds without a receipt (store credit can be issued).

Daycare Fee & Late Pick-Up

Please be on time dropping off and picking up your animal(s).  We work by appointment and do not have the staff available to look after them after the grooming has been completed.  If your dog needs to stay 2 hours before or after its grooming time, there will be a $15 daycare fee.   If you are late picking up after hours we will charge an additional $25 fee.


Shaving down double coated dogs can alter their coat.  Examples of double-coated dogs are Pomeranians, Golden Retrievers, Aussie Shepherds, Bernese Mtn Dogs etc.

Shaving your double-coated dog can result in the following:

  • The texture & colour of the coat can change.

  • The undercoat will choke out the good course guard hairs. The coat will get matted easier and it will limit the style that can be maintained.

  • Alopecia may also occur.

  • Skin may get sunburned.

  • Depending on the clipper length, clipper marks may be visible for a few weeks.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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