The Best Care for your Best Friend

  • Bath & Dry — For short coated dogs like a Lab.

  • Bath & Tidy — No body trim; For longer coated dogs like a Golden retriever.  We trim the feet, feathers, pants, belly, sanitary areas etc.

  • Bath & Cut — For long coated dogs like the Doodles or Schnauzers. We trim everywhere: nose to tail.

  • Doodle Groom — Grooms for Doodles (Labradoodles, Goldendoodle, Bernadoodle etc). Full cut or a tidy, we need the time for their coat type.

  • Rates vary by time, breed, size, coat type and coat condition and the behaviour of the pet in our care.
  • All grooming includes a nail trim, ear cleaning and anals by request.

  • Prices are subject to change at any time.

  • $25 cancellation fee will apply for appts cancelled with less than 24hrs notice and for “no shows”.
  • Grooming service is time based so please book accurately.

   Bath & Dry (short coat)
$45 and up $66 and up $71 and up $75 and up
   Bath & Tidy (no body trimming)
$64 and up $80 and up $90 and up $130 and up
   Bath & Cut 
$70 and up $86 and up $100 and up $150 and up

We DO NOT recommend shaving double coated dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Aussie Shepherds, Pomeranians etc and puppies. It can damage the coat and cause alopecia (loss of hair).

A La Carte Menu

  • Brushout (no bath) 30 min  $30

  • Nail trim $15

  • Nail filing $25 or additional $5 when trimming

  • Pad trim $20

  • Face trim $15 and up

  • Anals $15

  • Drop in Tues — Sat 9-3


  • De-shed  every 10min $10

  • De-mat  every 15min $15

  • Teeth Brushing $5

  • Flea dip $15-25 (depending on size)

  • Nail file $5 (after trimming)

  • Behaviour $15-25


… a smooth cut? Trimming your dog’s fur anything shorter than 1/4″.

… a puppy cut? Same length cut everywhere (from head to tail).  Most common length is 1/4” to 1”.  Your dog needs to be brushed out completely and have no matting.  A de-matting charge may apply, and your dog need to be able to tolerate de-matting.  If the matting is too sever, we will not be able to do a puppy cut. 

… a breed cut? Some breeds have a specific cut for their breed.

… matting? When your dog’s fur is knotted. The most common areas that are matted are the collar and harness area, behind the ears and legs.  Matting is close to the skin, so one may not realize that their dog is matted or how severe it is.

We try and de-matt as much as we can but if it too severe or the dog will not tolerate it, we do the humane thing and shave down the dog.  How short? This depends on matting.  Blades cannot get through the matting, it has to cut under it so it depends how close the matting is to the skin.  We try to avoid this as much as we can, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

… a Poodle cut? Clients often come in and ask us to NOT make their Doodle look like a poodle but what does that mean?  It means something different to most. Generally, a Poodle cut has a puffy head, shaved face and long ears so please be specific about what you DO want your Doodle to look like.

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