Chews, Treats, Supplements and Remedies

Benefits of Chews

  • The teeth become whiter and stronger

  • Bad breath and odor are minimized

  • Helps keep gums health

  • Helps puppies relieve the pressure of new teeth pushing through

We do not carry rawhide.
We carry natural, preservative free beef and pork hide chews.
We carry esophagus chews for puppies, senior dogs and small dogs.
We carry antlers and raw bones.

Benefits of Treats

  • Great way to reward your dog

  • Makes training easier for food motivated dogs

We carry “good for you” treats.
We carry many local treats that we “believe in”.
We carry grain- free, corn-free, soy-free treats.
We carry single ingredient treats that are good for dogs with allergies.

Benefits of Supplements & Remedies

  • Processed food comes with processed supplements

  • Raw food does not come with all supplements

  • If your dogs has a specific deficiency or ailment, a specific supplement can help

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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